How does it work?

Most people want to start companies because they think they have a great idea. That is, unfortunately not enough to ensure success in the market - if people don't feel inclined to buy your offering, your company will fail. Most startups never really get off the ground.

What characterizes those that succeed, apart from good ideas and smart founders? It is market understanding. This is where can help!

Through easy-to-use tools you gradually build up a business model around your central idea for how to create something positive for your customers, or equally popular, to remove something painful. The method is is often referred ot as "design thinking" or "value proposition design". Building on the idea of the business model canvas from Osterwalder, we build a coherent model, taking the value proposition as the central theme, and adding customer relationships, revenue and cost structures and marketing channels to the equation - basically the building blocks of a functioning business strategy.

Dealing with risk

Starting a business is risky - and you should manage risks to increase your chances of surviving and becoming profitable. Using an integrated staet-of-the-art SWOT analysis module, you build up your risk assessment around your business model canvas. Then SWOT is your starting point for making a contingency plan, and for answering difficult questions when pitching to partners and investors.

Knowing your worth

Valuation of startups is very hard, and methods that work well for mature companies are not that useful. Use the QuickValue tool to get an idea of your company's potential value. Using information about your market, your team and the maturiyt of your product, we calculate an estimated upper limit of the valuation. Note that this is mostly a motivational tool: the real value of your startup is the value investors would be willing to actually pay for your firm or your idea.

Getting it done

Integrated in the toolbox is a task managemnet app - quickly add todo's from your business modeling, risk assessments and valuation studies. It is available whenveer you need it - on your desktop, or your mobile. is of course a mobile-first web site, allowing you to do your creative business planning wherever you are.

When will it be avialable?

No promises made, but if all things go as planned the full toolbox will be available before 1 July 2017!

What will it cost?

You get all these tools for only USD 29 per month. You can make as many models with SWOTs and valuations as you like. And you have a handy todo app ready to go as well. The todo app is ready to use - for free - if you have reigstered, simply log in and start managing your tasks today!